What is Dropship Spy?

Dropship Spy is an eCommerce software company. They build drop shipping tools to help their clients with their eCommerce ventures.

What is Hucksta Connect?

Hucksta Connect is our app that enables our clients to connect their Shopify store(s) to our system. This in turn allows for importing products and managing orders.

How do you find products?

Their teams are trained to use our unique in-house tools that give them elite and sensitive information on products across the internet. They monitor, track and research products until they find a fantastic item that fits under winning or promising products.

How often do they add new products?

They add five a day, two winning products and three promising products.

Do I need Shopify account to use Dropship Spy?

No, you can use Dropship Spy for any eCommerce platform. All their information is digital and usable how you wish. That said, they do integrate with shopify which automates a lot of processes.

Can they tell you about suppliers?

For every product that we upload to their site, they’ll also include up to 3 suppliers from Aliexpress. They find the best suppliers for each product based on rating, products sold, product reviews & price.

Do they have any training courses?

they have tutorial videos on how to use our services and tools. Stay Tuned, Dropship Spy are looking into providing training videos on Drop Shipping in the near future, watch this space!

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