What happen if you cancel your membership?

They hate to see you go but, rest assured, your licenses are safe. Each time you download a song for final use from the site, it is in perpetuity. That means any song you license for use in projects you create while you’re a Soundstripe member, remain legally licensed forever and ever, amen.

Once I download a track, can I use it multiple times on multiple projects?

Every time you hit the “download” button, a new SINGLE USE license for that particular song, on that particular project, is generated. So, if you’re going to use a song multiple times for different projects, just hit the download button again, for however many times you use it. This does two things: (1) It keeps you legal with licensing on all of your projects, and (2) it allows us to pay our amazing artists properly.

What happens if I have a YouTube Claim?

Soundstripe is a third party licenser on behalf of their artists. Their artists are within their rights to use a Content ID system to monetize videos that use their content in an attempt to limit piracy. The Good News – this doesn’t apply to you! The Bad News – these companies use automated systems to identify the songs, and the system typically doesn’t know the difference between piracy and properly licensed music. Thankfully, disputing the claim is a simple fix! Here is a link that will walk you through disputing the claim with YouTube: 


When you get to the box that asks you to explain your claim, simply write, “Licensed through Soundstripe.” That should take care of it, but if you continue to have issues, please reach out and we will work with you to ensure it’s resolved in a timely manner.How often do you add new songs?

Soundstripe is a stock music site made for video producers. They offer a great variety of high quality royalty free songs, and our unlimited licensing model is one-of-a-kind in the industry. They are designed to make it easy, profitable, and fun for you to add great music to your videos. Now it’s time to give them a try. Listen to all the music you want in our stock music library, and then check out their monthly and yearly subscriptions. For the quality of music they offer, you can’t find a better price.

How often do you add new songs?

They add tunes to our library every Friday, and we generally add around 200 new, quality tracks each month.

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